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13th Bomb Squadron by yankeedog 13th Bomb Squadron by yankeedog
This is an historic record of the aircraft of the 13th Bomb Squadron. The squadron has been flying since 1917. Working with 13th Bomb Squadron navigator Charles Hinton, the 13th Bomb Squadron Association's Historian along with other veterans of the 13th, we meticulously documented each aircraft the squadron was known to have flown throughout it's illustrious history. This poster is a tribute to the men and machines of the 13th Bomb Squadron "The Devil's Own Grim Reapers"!
Adobe Illustrator 8.0 on a Power Mac G4.
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yankeedog Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2004  Professional General Artist
Thanks! -YD
rtd Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004   Photographer
this is fantastic...
how do i get the poster?
yankeedog Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004  Professional General Artist
Thanks, it's never been commercially printed. I've had a few done as giclee prints on watercolor paper, they look pretty nice. One was given to the 13th Bomb Squadron at Dyess, TX. -YD
badman22 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2004
I find it interestintg that a bomber squadron flew Spads in the Great War. The DeHavillands are understandable, I guess, since there really were very few heavy bombers in that war, but the Spad was a scout.
yankeedog Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2004  Professional General Artist
The 13th is almost a history of flight in itself and for sure a history of attack aircraft. They started out as a fighter squadron in WWI and didn't get into bombing till much later. You must have the SPAD XII and XIII confused with another aircraft. The French built SPAD XII Ca.1 was a fighter with a 37mm Cannon that fired through the propellor shaft. The SPAD XIII was a more conventional fighter with twin Vickers. SPAD was and acronym for Société Anonyme Pour L'aviation Et Ses Dérivés. I have seen it called a scout plane, but with the 13th, it was a fighter and a dam good one too!
Many of the top aces flew SPADs, Eddie Rickenbacker [link] and the 13th's own Charles Biddle [link] In WWI, the 13th was a fighter squadron or Aero Squadron, it didn't become a Bomb Squadron till after the war. Throughout 1920's they flew attack aircraft and in the 1930's and into WWII and the Korean War they flew Medium bombers. They didn't become a heavy bombardment squadron till recently with the B-1b Lancer. -YD
badman22 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2004
No, I don't have it confused. In the Great War, they didn't fly fighters, they flew scouts. As the role of military aircraft became more refined, so did the terminology, so that even though the role is the same, the terminology is different. When I was younger I had a book on air combat in the Great War. It wasn't very in depth, but it did an excellent job of covering the role of the airplane in the Great War. I know that most Americans flew French planes, probably becuz of the Lafayette Escadrille (sp?). That and the fact that the American warplane industry was virtually non-existent before we entered the war.
yankeedog Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2004  Professional General Artist
Terminology aside, the SPAD was a hell of an plane with a high kill ratio and very well liked by the men who flew them. American aircraft at that time were nothing more than deathtraps, thank God the French built such fine aircraft.
badman22 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004
And thank god they let our pilots fly them instead of some second-line flying crates. In the hands of the right pilot, it was equal to or better than anything else flying at the time.
yankeedog Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2004  Professional General Artist
They called the DH-1 and a few others, " Flying Coffins". Deadly, plus the SPAD was a good looking plane too. -YD
cubemb Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2003
great stuff, this is the sort of work that you see in 'Flypast' magazine. Well done. Guess i better go find the keys for my lancer
yankeedog Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2003  Professional General Artist
Thanks! I'll have to check out the magazine. -YD
fragmented Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2003
wastingtape Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2003  Student
VERY Nice!
0viking0 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2003
This is great poster. Very nice. Your work is totaly in style that I like :) (Smile)
tyhopho Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
wow - i get the sense that this is a scaled down version as well (aircraft legends sometimes tricky to make it)

nevertheless a truly cool poster
camfella Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2003
Awesome job. Reminds me of posters available through the Air and Space museum. This piece belongs right up there with those.
radink Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is incredible!! This must have taken some serious time!! +fav
jellycious Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003
oh my....
:/ my lack of words should be enough... Thumbs Up
cyberia23 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
WOW, this is awesome. Will you offer this on DA Prints as a poster? I'd love to have this on my wall.
thebog Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
you drew all these? If so, I'm very impressed.
beldolor Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003  Hobbyist
this is really great! i love the attention to detail and its simply amazingly well done!
lolly Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2003
~~thwap~~ That was my jaw hitting the floor. The attention to detail here is just stunning.
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